A Secret Tunnel Was Unexpectedly Discovered Behind A Home’s Wall. But What They Found Inside The Tunnel Was A More Interesting Discovery!

In 1963, a man from the Nevsehir Province in Turkey discovered an unbelievable archaeological find. While they were breaking down a wall in his house, he and his family found a secret tunnel. Curious, he entered the tunnel and ended up exploring a cave which led to various other rooms.

Apparently, the underground tunnel led to what appeared to be an ancient underground city. It can seemingly hold about 30,000 citizens. It was previously named as “Derinkuyu” and is 18 storeys below the Turkish man’s house.

The discovery was featured in a documentary by the History Channel. The documentary discussed possible theories on the origins of this underground city. One theory states that it was constructed as a safe haven in the event of an alien attack or the ice age which wiped out numerous species millennia ago.

The secret underground city was found in Cappadocia, Central Turkey. The place is known for having numerous volcanic rocks carved into unique structures by the wind, water, and other environmental factors. Ancient people from the area turned these hard materials shaped by nature into shelters. Nowadays, modern houses are being built in the city.

Derinkuyu is more than 280 feet beneath the ground. According to Giorgo Tsoukalos, a publisher for the Legendary Times Magazine, it has about 15,000 ventilation shafts which allowed for the passage of air underground.

The former inhabitants of the underground city were all prepped if ever a catastrophe came. They created some kind of air conditioning system and dug wells from where they could source water. It even had stables where animals could be taken care of.

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