He Waits for His Friend to Come Out of Here Every Day, and it’s Something you Have to See

We’ve seen some unlikely friendships, but this one takes the cake! One day, a starving otter showed up at an elderly man’s door. And ever since, Seppo and Iivari the otter have been inseparable.

The man never could’ve imagined it’d lead to this! Wait until you see this adorably unique friendship.

When watching this video, you will definitely be saying ‘awww‘ over and over again. We couldn’t believe how comfortable this little otter was in his surroundings. You can tell that he’s very happy and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing animals co-existing in harmony with the human race.

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It’s most definitely a story for the ages and there’s nothing like the bond between two friends, don’t you agree? 🙂

Watch the full video below.

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