If you chose 1. You Are Primal

Every thought and emotion comes from deep within your soul. You feel everything on a base level.
You are very in touch with your desires, needs, and fears. Your intuition is very right on, and you never doubt it.

You see the world from a calculating and even cold perspective. You never lose sight of looking out for yourself.
You are very self-contained and independent. The only time others get under your skin is when you envy them.

The world sees you as mysterious and alluring. People would like to get to know you better, but they are intimidated by you.
Very few want to challenge you on who you are or what you believe. They know you’re the type that doesn’t back down.

If you chose 2. You Are Eloquent

You are a person of many observations and thoughts… but of few words. You speak and write carefully.
You express yourself well, due to your own self-editing and curation. You can get your point across in a beautiful way.

You see the world from a curious and cautious point of view. You like to observe for as long as you can.
You are constantly in a loop of gathering information and processing it. You like to get as much input as possible.

The world sees you as empathetic and compassionate, which is true to a point. You do care for others quite a bit.
Your wide perspective allows you to listen and reply without outward judgment. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t coming to conclusions in your own mind.

If you chose 3. You Are Persistent

You always have your focus on your goal, and you know exactly how far you are from achieving it. You never give up.
You are very driven and motivated to succeed. You like to win at life as much as you can… winning feels good.

You see the world from a perspective of opportunities and competition. You know what you can get and who may be standing in your way.
You don’t mind competing, and you don’t take anyone challenging you personally. But you will do everything you can to undermine your competitors!

The world sees you as aggressive and even a little greedy. You don’t mind this assessment, but you think they’re missing the bigger picture.
Most people are as hungry to win as you are, and plenty people are even greedier.. You’re just open about the chase.

If you chose 4. You Are Excitable

You are very in tune with the world around you, and you enjoy engaging with others. You think life is interesting!
You try to live your life as openly as possible, and from this openness comes confidence. You are comfortable with yourself.

You see the world from an investigative and curious point of view. You are always dying to learn more.
You worry less than most people, because you aren’t sure how things will turn out, ever. And you are good with uncertainty.

The world sees you as positive and easygoing… but never superficial or glib. Your depth is apparent.
Anyone who spends time with you knows that your free-spirited ways are actually a conscious attempt to live a happy life.

If you chose 5. You Are Tenderhearted

You are an extremely empathetic person. You immediately can see yourself in someone else’s position.
You have compassion for those around you, and it doesn’t stop at people. You have a big heart for animals and nature.

You see the world from a highly sensitive, emotional point of view. You feel first and think second.
Even if you disagree with people’s choices and actions, you can see how they came to make them.

The world sees you as sweet, vulnerable, and breakable. They don’t understand your strength.
You may be caring, but you aren’t a pushover. You understand that empathizing is sometimes all you can do.

If you chose 6. You Are Whimsical

You are a dreamy, imaginative, and visual person. You paint complete pictures in your mind.
Your daydreams are like movies. You can transport yourself to a time and place that you may or may not have seen before.

You see the world from an upside down, inside out position. You just process everything differently.
Your vivid imagination amplifies everything around you. One small object or occurrence can set off a chain of events in your mind.

The world sees you as highly creative and enigmatic. Many people would like to ‘pick your brain’, but they don’t know where to begin.
People are blown away by the thoughts and ideas you do share with them. No one can wrap their heads around your way of thinking.

If you chose 7. You Are Quixotic

You are an idealist and a romantic. You don’t care much about how the world currently is… you think about how it should be.
You have a vision for yourself, your friends, and possibly even the planet. This goes so far beyond a fairytale ending.

You see the world in its ideal state. You know it isn’t there yet … or even close. But it could be!
You have high expectations for everyone and everything. You don’t know why people aren’t as committed to betterment as you are.

The world sees you as sweet but possibly naive. They may find you simple, but you don’t understand why they complicate things.
People are surprised by how consistent and optimistic you are about getting the world and life you want. You refuse to give up hope.

If you chose 8. You Are Warm

You are a kind, friendly, and even encouraging person. People feel comfortable around you without really knowing why.
You have quietly optimized your life for success. You have a routine down, and you’ve cleared the crud out of your life.

You see the world in terms of new beginnings and strengths. Each day is a chance to start over again.
It’s easy to see what’s going wrong, but you try to notice what’s going right… and nurture it.

The world sees you as a positive influence and a catalyst for growth. Others purposely seek you out.
Your realistic optimism can brighten anyone’s day. You know that very few situations are as dire as they seem.

If you chose 9. You Are Blue

You’re bummed, depressed, downright distraught… and there’s really no hiding it from yourself.
Life has gotten you down lately, and it feels long overdue for a long cry. You have some sadness to get out.

You see the world as a hurtful and scary place. You aren’t exactly wrong – everyone has felt that way at some point.
Just know that your misery is temporary. You are at a low point, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be high points again.

The world sees you as withdrawn and a little isolated. It’s likely that you haven’t shared your current feelings with many.
Go ahead and tell a trusted friend how you’ve been feeling. You don’t have to suffer alone needlessly.

The eye(s) you chose were the meanings like you or not?