Man Begins Beating Dog Until Rugged Biker Shows Up

For some of us, when we see a biker, we tend to think they are rough around edges or we think they are up to no good. They tend to put a sense of fear in us.

Deep down, these bikers have a heart. And some bikers are more compassionate than everyday people. Take Brandon Turnbow for example.


Brandon was driving down the highway to visit with his father when he noticed a vehicle pulled over to the shoulder. He noticed a man and his dog just next to the car. He was probably letting the dog go to the bathroom. Wrong.


Brandon witnessed the man aggressively beat the little, white dog. The man then threw the dog into the air and sped off. Brandon was very concerned that the little terrier would dart into traffic, so he approached him cautiously.

Brandon was able to pick up the dog and he securely wrapped him in his leather jacket while turning on his motorcycle. He decided to let the dog get used to the loud bike before securing him to the motorcycle.

After the dog calmed down, and traffic had died down, Brandon met up with his father and traveled 45 miles back home. When Brandon approached a four-way stop, he turned back to check on the dog. Brandon said that he looked “like he has rode all his life.”

“I now have a co-pilot — Meet Mr. DAVIDSON,” Brandon wrote.

His post had been reshared nearly 100,000 times, with over 1,700 comments. Everyone who commented was proud of his decision to turn around and rescue the dog.