Mom Notices People In Front Of Her Behaving Strangely, Then Realizes What’s Happening

A woman named Rachel Scott was shopping at a local grocery store one afternoon. Rachel got what she wanted and quickly made her way to the cashier’s. There, she saw a family that were sorting their groceries out in an unusually meticulous fashion. It was strange for people to do so – in the middle of a grocery store.

Rachel then realized that the family could not afford everything their cart had – they were sorting out items that they really necessary for only survival, and nothing else! Many items such as toys, were quickly set aside. Rachel then decided to do the most gracious thing for them.

She offered to pay for the needy family’s cart – free of charge!

The family was taken aback, and tears welled up in their eyes. They thanked her profusely, and she simply smiled – after all, a good deed was a noble thing to do!

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