Town Refuses To Help A Poor Eagle Hanging From A Tree. Now Watch What An Army Veteran Does.

Usually when an animal is seen struggling to break free, people will come forward to help free them. It’s what people do – or should do – help each other.

But one day that wasn’t the case, especially for this eagle who was hanging from a tree in a Minnesota town. The poor eagle was 70 feet in the air, struggling to break free, but no one except Jason Galvin came to his rescue.

At first he thought the bird was dead and to confirm his suspicion, he zoomed in on his binoculars and was surprised to learn that it was still breathing!

The neighbors did what they could, they called the police, the fire department, the DNR, but no one arrived to help this bird. Jason’s wife knew they had to save this bird and what she tells her husband will leave you speechless!

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